New England Artists of Interest

One week ago I was a part of the Open Studios Art Show at the Union Crossing Creative Spaces in Lawrence MA.  There were a lot of really talented artists at that show and I want to introduce you to some of them.
First up is Hillary Scott.  
Hillary was the first one that you saw as you entered the show and her paintings invited everyone to take notice.  She is an illustrator and oil painter that paints portraits, figures, still life and landscapes.   See more of her work by visiting her  website here.

Mark Hayden is an artist whose name I have heard throughout the community for years due to his portrait work.  He paints in oil and pastel and is a Copley Master.  The Copley Society of Boston is the oldest art society in America, dating back to the 1870's and the most prestigious.  The Copley Master designation isn't easy to achieve, in fact there are only 29 living Copley Masters currently and Mark is one of them. You can find more of his work at the Copley website.

Cara Gonier is an Abstract artist.  She paints beautiful landscapes with heavy bodied acrylics and palette knives.  Her paintings are subtle and soothing in color and form, leaving out the controlled detail that you find in my paintings.  When I visited her studio at the show I felt the same type of serenity that I sense at the beach.  Learn more about her on her website

Amanda Osborne's photography ranges from animals, places and people, to architectural.  She collects for the cause of the Panda during her art shows and because of this was given the honor of an exclusive Panda photo shoot.   See Amanda's work .

Lisa Bohnwagner's paintings are highly textured and colorful.  She paints with acrylics on top of various textures that she first creates on the canvas.  The colors in her paintings give personality to animals and draw the viewer in to see the animal anew.  Learn more about

Susan McCraine paints Impressionism and Abstract in oil.  She chooses a variety of subjects, including landscape and figure, and during the show her painting of some curious cows continuously drew viewers in to her studio.  Visit Susan's website for more.

The final artist that I will feature in this post is Susan Spellman.  Susan paints en plein air (on location) in oil and therefore paints a wide variety of subjects.  She brought her collection of "Dancers" to the Lawrence show, and these paintings revealed her ability to observe and capture the movement taking place where ever she is.  Read more about Susan

I am amazed at how unique and diverse the artist's are, from subject matter and medium to technique and style, and this is just a small representation of the artists that were at the show.  I hope you will enjoy visiting their websites and reading more about them individually. 
:)  Tracy


  1. Great feature....thank you! It was so nice meeting you and viewing your fabulous work Tracy!

    1. Thanks Hillary, it was fun being a part of the show.


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