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Basics 5: Which White is Right

This week I'm honored to introduce you to incredible artist, Lisa Bohnwagner.  Lisa paints with acrylic using bold color, usually on boards and canvases that she has texturized with various mediums.   Lisa's animal portraits are unique as she captures animals in unexpected colors that give them a new perspective.  She is able to capture their souls through their eyes while conveying personality with color.  Be sure to visit her social media sites that are listed at the end of the article to see her beautiful artwork.  She accepted  my invitation to contribute an article to my Back to Basics series with this post on "Which White is Right".  

I began using acrylics in 2008, but until a few years ago I thought Titanium white was the only white acrylic paint.  It turns out that there are several different types of white, and they all have different qualities.  Having at least two different whites on your palette can open up a lot of possibilities.
Titanium white is t…

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