A Realist Attempts Impressionism

I let my inner child out today.  I took out my brushes and paints and painted......period.
No prepping, no drawing, no planning ahead...I just poured paint out on my palette and started painting. 
I made it a goal, at the beginning of the year to try new things, one was impressionism, so today felt like a good day to give it a try, using only large brushes.  I figured, that way, I couldn't get caught up in detail.   haha, I know myself.  (I used a script brush to paint my signature though.)

I'm not an Impressionist painter so as freeing, creative and fun as this sounds, its not that easy for me - the organized, detailed painter.  
But it was definitely a quicker process than my usual paintings.   I painted this large cupcake in a half of a day verses my smaller realism still life paintings that can take from 3 days to 2 weeks. 

One thing I found about painting this way that I rather liked, was the use of color.  I could move the colors around and add them in unusual areas and they added artistic effect.
I know that it is a more serious process for the true Impressionist, whereas for me it was just a playful time and a simple subject. 
Maybe next time I will try using only a palette knife to paint with (no brushes), that would really take me out of my comfort zone!
All in all, the painting is cute.  It would look great in a bakery, cafe or a little girls room.  :) Tracy


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