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This past weekend I participated in the Union Crossing Open Studios Art Show in Lawrence MA.
It was very encouraging to see the way people responded to my artwork.  It still brings me great joy to hear viewers comments about my paintings. 
I love watching them taken in by a piece of my work; they look at it, then step up and look closer, looking at all the elements and then finally they step back again and say "that's a painting?  How do you do that?"
It was especially comical to hear other artists ask how I can paint like I do using acrylic paint, because usually my style of artwork is accomplished using oil paint. 

There were a lot of people that went up and down the halls excited to see artwork during the weekend, thank you to all that came to view the art and visit with the artists and especially those that came in to meet me. 

 Among my artwork...

Vic was a big help and was in his element interacting with visitors.  
My niece, Brooke and her little girl Piper stopped in and Piper sampled the mini cupcakes that I gave out.

We even had a very cute and unexpected visitor:

I felt a comradery with the artists at this show.  I have been to other art shows that felt more like a competition, but during this show my fellow artists shared information and techniques and we felt more like friends than competitors.  
There were over 30 artists and a wonderful variety of work.
Paintings of Realism, Abstract, Impressionism, Representational, of: portraits, landscape, seascape, still life and abstract.
In fact, in my next post, I will introduce you to some of the other artists that I met and spent time with. 
Sadly, there was a negative side to my experience.  Once I got home and inventoried my giclees, I found at least four missing that hadn't been paid for.   So I won't be able to buy any more paint, my art career is over.....just kidding. 
Actually, I am flattered to think that someone liked my artwork that much, but a loss is a loss in my small scale business. 

Watch for my next post to meet some really awesome artists!   :) Tracy


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