Twitter Art Exhibit - Donuts

This is my second year of participating in the Twitter Art Exhibit.   Each year the proceeds go to a different charity in various countries.  Below I posted an explanation about this year that I copied right from their website.

Twitter Art Exhibit: NYC is an international exhibition of original postcard art benefiting Foster Pride’s “Handmade” Program, in which young women in foster care learn to create and market a unique line of goods. The entire exhibition is carried out by an unpaid, volunteer corps of organizers and artists; there is no entry fee, and artists of all career levels are encouraged to participate, making it possible for emerging talent to appear alongside seasoned professionals.

Twitter Art Exhibit: NYC is the sixth installment of an open international exhibition of handmade postcard art for charity, donated by hundreds of participating artists from around the globe.

This is a photo of my painting titled" A Childhood Favorite", which is my entry for this year.

If you are on Twitter, you can follow the exhibit at  
If you are an artist interested in reading the Call for Artists click here

Don't you just love donuts??    :)  Tracy


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