Geometric Painting - Red For Dinner

In early January I recorded my progress of a warm up exercise.  I had taken a few months off from painting and I wanted to sharpen my observation skills.
The painting was a black and white striped towel with an antique jar sitting on it.
I enjoyed the process of painting the stripes through the glass and decided to try another geometric shape with colored glass.   This time I chose a black and white checkered plate that sat on a red napkin and I put a red glass mug on top.  I moved my light around until I got some good shadows and then painted away. 

There was a lot of planning involved before I began to paint this because, as I wrote in the previous post, with transparent glass you have to properly see the checks that are involved with the glass mug.  Because of reflections and distortions the checks aren't perfectly lined up the way that your brain tells your eye to see them.   I enjoyed painting this one and it really didn't take me that long. 
It is an 8 x 10 gallery wrapped canvas.   I think I will be doing more of these geometric paintings in the future. 
:)  Tracy


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