Artist's Club Book Project - Realism Painting

Back in September I posted a photo of this painting and said that I would let you know what it was for in a future post.  Well this is that post....
During the summer I was asked to participate in a book project.  That book was with Walter Foster Publishing and it is is due to be out in the spring.  (I was able to preview a copy of it, by the way, and it is beautiful!). 

But while I was busily working on the paintings for that book (5 of them) I was also asked to work on one with the Artists Club.   This coffee cup and donut was the painting that I completed for that project.
The Artist's Club book is now out, it is called "Everyday with the Artist's Club Volume 2.  The book is a soft cover instruction book, containing 13 paintings with instructions of everyday designs (not seasonal) from various artists (one of which is me).  It covers a wide range of painting styles and themes (mine, of course, is realism) and has 80 color pages.
Medium: Acrylic. 

I am expecting copies to arrive in a few days (by February 13) so I have put the listing on my Etsy shop.  If you order the book from me, it will be a signed copy and I will get it right out to you as soon as they arrive here.

Tracys Etsy Shop

Information on the other book with Walter Foster Publishing will be available soon.   :)  Tracy


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