DecoArt Paint, Sculpy Clay, Glass Bottles & Creativity

Every year for Christmas I like to make a little something for my family members.   Usually it is just a little something, like ornaments.
I just finished the little somethings for this year.
I sat and sculpted snowman heads out of Sculpy clay.  Then I baked them to harden them (according to package instructions).   Once cooled off, I painted them with DecoArt Americana paints.  Then I varnished them and while they were still wet I doused them in glitter.   Then I mixed some glitter with artificial snow and put that into jars and glued the heads on top of the jar.   I used ribbons as scarves.
Some of the snowmen are really small, created with test tube type jars, I added a string to them and they became ornaments.


Others were a bit larger and they are shelf sitters.

The little guys were a lot of work for such a simple looking project.  I truly enjoy doing something really different for my family members each year but I certainly wouldn't want to do these in large quantities.
I had glitter everywhere and all over me at one point.  I worked on them on the dining table and  while waiting for paint and glue to dry, I switched off and worked on Christmas cookies.  (I wouldn't be surprised if some glitter shows up in the cookies.)


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