Bakery Jewelry - Series of Small Paintings - Cupcakes

It is so wonderful to have family visit for the holiday and have some social time.  But as great as it is, it is also distracting.  Getting back to the discipline of entering the studio and picking up a paint brush takes work. Luckily while family visited we went to my favorite bakery, "Eat Cake" and bought cupcakes.  Their cupcakes are like little treasures, bakery jewelry, and they taste as good as they look.
So I thought painting them might be a good way to settle back in. 
I'm going to do a series of 3, very small paintings, 6 x 6. 
I finished the first one yesterday.  The cupcake was a yellow cake with blackberry filling and berry buttercream frosting. 
As you can see, the painting is just finished and still sitting on my studio table. 
I'll share the next one in the series with you tomorrow........see you then!


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