Another Start

In my blog post of August of 2015,  I told you about my sister and her battle with cancer and the painting that I did to support her.  Sadly, she finally lost her battle a few weeks ago. 

Over the past year my life has not really been my own, I kept thinking that I was finally through the toughest part of issues when WHAM, another one would take its place. 

After each knock-out punch, I would get up and begin to make plans again only to find that another punch would come.  This has caused me to realize that I can make plans and should make plans, but also know they are not “etched in stone”.   Things change.  We have no control over some of those changes and sometimes its best not to fight the change, but instead to allow ourselves the liberty to change without becoming discouraged and bitter. 

So once again, I am beginning to make plans.  I am ready to get back into my new studio and gallery and begin a fresh direction in my art journey.

My hope is to include a new series of exercise in blog posts, from the studio, that take me back to the basic principles of art from the slant of painting in acrylics. 

The Art On Main Gallery is finally open.  I am starting out with limited “open” hours for now, until I see which direction things lead. 

If you live nearby, please stop in and introduce yourself.  If not, you can still be a part of the studio happenings with this blog.     

I look forward to see where 2017 takes me and the Gallery.  I hope you will join me for the new voyage.   J  Tracy


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