Andrea's Roses Realism Painting - Breast Cancer Support

This painting is very special and personal for me.  Even as I have lived this story with my sister, I find it hard to believe as I go back over the details to write them down here.
Ten years ago my sister, Andrea found out that she had Lymphoma cancer.   She went through treatment of Chemotherapy and radiation and her cancer went into remission. 

Six years later she and her family learned that her husband had lung cancer.  As the family processed the implications of that and rallied around him, Andrea found a lump in her breast. 

While her husband was treated for cancer and was extremely sick and fatigued, Andrea had surgery and went through her own cancer treatment for the second time.   Once again she battled the illness, lost her hair, gained steroid weight, and fought nausea, all as she helped her husband through his illness.  
left to right- Andrea's husband Ernie, her daughter Brooke, Andrea
At the end of the journey, her cancer went back into remission but sadly, her husband lost his battle to the disease.   Then, six months after his death, we lost our mother to lung cancer. 

After all of this illness and loss, Andrea took her usual approach to life; she took a deep breath, adjusted and went on.    
So this past June (2015) when we found out that her cancer had returned and metastasized to other areas of her body, it was a staggering blow. 

She is being treated at Mass General in Boston in a clinical trial.  We have been told that she cannot be cured of the cancer this time, but good results have come from this trial and her doctor feels that this treatment could keep her cancer from progressing quickly. 
Andrea in treatment chair at Mass General Hospital
Andrea is happy go lucky.  She has a fun loving attitude, is a positive person, a fighter, a hard worker, and is still working even now.   If you met or saw my sister, you wouldn’t even know that she was sick, her attitude and outlook is always so bright.  
We are quite different, although I am a positive person, I am more introspective and reserved.   

I don’t want to make her out to be a saint, she has had her share of troubles, (I am the only saint in the family….just kidding!)    
The point is, we probably wouldn’t have been drawn to each other as friends if we were not sisters.  But God knew that we would be good for each other and therefore we have that special sister closeness in which I am grateful for.

selfie at Mass General (Tracy left, Andrea right)

As an artist I have donated and created artwork for many charities and causes.  So as I thought about her enduring the financial strain for the fourth time, I wanted to do something.  It just made sense to use my art to help my sister. 

"Andrea’s Roses" is a painting for that purpose.   All of the profit from the sale of giclee's of this painting are for Andrea.  It will provide financial support for the unexpected expenses that come with her disease, and hopefully enable her to do something special or go somewhere special with her children.

In this painting the Mason Jars represent transparency; we all should be more transparent in life and share our experiences.  Life is too precious and short for walls and masks.   
The pink roses represent women with cancer; beautiful and delicate but strong and complicated.   
The single rose is my sister, Andrea; one single life that has had petals and thorns and without which the painting of my life wouldn’t be complete.  

Giclee's are available in 8 x 10 and 11 x 14 and are signed on the print by artist.   

A large 16 x 20 size is also available with a remarque (an original tiny painting on the border).   A limited number of these will be sold.
   Thank you for your interest in my artwork.  I hope your family is  safe and healthy, please remember to appreciate them every day. 
   :)  Tracy 


  1. I am a close friend of your sister and have this gorgeous picture over my fireplace. You are such a talented artist, I am so impressed with all your work! Thank you for sharing this picture with me and all Andrea's friends!

    1. Thank you Linda, I'm so glad that what I create is appreciated by others. Thank you also for supporting and encouraging Andrea.


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