Warm Up Painting Exercise - #4 Finishing the Painting

In my last post I showed you how I had reached the place of adding dark values to the painting and I loosely put in the lettering that is molded in the glass jar.  Now is the time to add highlights and more detail. 

I added light values on the draping lines of the towel and where the light splashes on it on the left side.  I put highlights on the metal lid and put my preliminary ones on the jar glass.

At this point it was time to keep moving around the painting deepening where necessary and adding more layers of the light values, as well as some tinting.

After continual layering in the shadows and highlights, I added the final detail.  Because it is a gallery wrapped canvas, there isn't a need to frame it, so I painted the sides of the canvas with a dark value from the painting. 

Below is the finished painting.   You can see that there is a slight cast shadow above on the right of the jar.  I have added a lot of bright highlights including the brightest shine marks.  I enhanced the reflected color to the right of the jar.  Finally, I called the painting done and signed it.  I am stumped on what to title it though and welcome any of your thoughts. 

Now I should be ready to get back to work on some paintings that I had been working on and put aside when life got busy.  I am also ready to begin another series of mini cupcake paintings, so hopefully activity will pick up here on the blog.  :)  Tracy


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