Warm Up Painting Exercise - #2 Block in the Elements

Now that I have the arrangement with light and shadows that I want, the next step in painting my still life is to....paint.   Once again, here is the still life that I am painting from. 

The jar still looked a bit dwarfed with all the lines of the towel, so I decided to allow more of the glass to show in the painting by choosing a segment of the still life.

Once I sketched the design on to the canvas, I blocked in the basic colors of the elements.  The towel lines are made to move according to the draping. 
The glass is not painted opaque, I added a bit of water to my paint and kept the glass area transparent.  This way I can build my paint layers.
Notice that I did not paint the towel lines that show through the glass yet. 

Now it is time to add the towel lines that show through the glass.  This is antique glass so the glass is wavy and distorts the lines.   I painted this part of the towel with the distortion: wavy and choppy.  Suddenly the glass takes on the appearance of transparency.   

But this is just the beginning....

Check back tomorrow.  :) 


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