Wedding Gift - Jars in a Carrier Washed with Sunlight

Vic and I traveled down to Pennsylvania to celebrate my brother's marriage this past weekend.  I painted a gift for them.  I fell  behind on this one and just finished it on Thursday, and then left for Pennsylvania on Friday.  I had to put a protective varnish on it once we arrived at our destination and then Vic put it in the frame on Saturday.   Talk about rushing things....but I think it turned out really nice anyway. 

We had a lot of fun (we always have fun when we get together with my siblings). We did the antique circuit and hit an auction too.  Everyone went home with something that they didn't need...haha. 

I picked up another one of these wooden carriers in my travels though, and an Atlas jar that was really different from any that I currently have, it has "wholefruit" embossed on it.  
I guess I may be painting another still life of a wooden carrier with jars in it.    :)  Tracy
Ready for the Auction

Wooden carrier, vintage glass bell ornament and Atlas wholefruit jar


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