Art Studio Organization

Last week I spent a day and a half cleaning and organizing my studio. 
Desk and Computer area
(It had been a while)   Too many things had accumulated and I was at the point where there was a narrow pathway to my art table and easel.  Sometimes you just have to stop, take the time, and do it!
I pulled everything out and moved the furniture around for a better arrangement and then brought things back in and found a space for them.   That is truly the important thing with organization...everything has to have it's own place.

Here's my updated work space.  

Art Table and Easel area

It's amazing what this does for the psyche.  Now I feel happy to get back in to work.   
Hopefully this means great artwork will be emerging from here...   haha    :) Tracy 
2015 Holiday Show & Sale
Newburyport Art Association
November 27-December 24, 2015


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