Vintage Ornament 2 - Realism

I painted this vintage ornament earlier in the year with the thought in mind that eventually it would be part of a collection.  But I experimented with an unusual background (for me) and didn't know how others would look on this type of background.  So I played around with it again. 

Vintage Ornament 1
I just finished painting another vintage ornament and went ahead and used the same background.
Here are the steps:
I painted the board with turquoise and worked some raw umber in along the edges.
Then I put a taupe color on top, allowing the paint to dry out as I reached the edges and I sketched the ornament in. 

I began layering the colors on.
Final painting of Vintage Ornament 2
I think it might be time for another cupcake painting.  As usual, I bought a few today when I was in Newburyport.  While I was visiting I found out that Eat Cake Bakery is closing at the end of this week.  :(
I wish all the best to Hillary and the ladies that work there.  You will be missed.


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