Vintage Christmas Cupcake - Realism Painting

I just finished another cupcake painting.
This one I'm calling Vintage Christmas Cupcake.

I enjoyed painting the vintage Christmas ornament.   There was a bright shine on the top of the ornament where the light was flooding it, and reflections throughout, especially where the ornament met the frosting.
I really had to concentrate as I looked at the ornament to reproduce it.  It had years of storage so there were age marks on it and the paint that was used to create the stripes had overlap lines in it.  The teal color was a translucent paint and the yellow stripes were opaque. 
And then there was the texture in the metal top and the dangling hanger. 
The frosting had been piped onto the cake so it had lots of ridges and highlights where the light was hitting it and it cast a shadow onto the cake underneath it.
The paper liner was ridged as usual and then the whole thing cast a shadow onto the table it sat on.

This painting, along with many others and prints, will be for sale in Benton Pennsylvania on May 23-24 at an antique sale.  I will be there signing prints and greeting folks.  If you are in the area, stop by and say hi, I would love to hear your thoughts on my artwork and meet you.

By the way, I am now the extremely proud Grandmother to the most beautiful baby girl ever!   She arrived on May 7th and I am SO in love! 
Happy Mothers Day to all Moms and GrandMoms!!  (and aunties, stepmoms, mother in laws, etc)  Have an awesome day!
:)  Tracy


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