New Cards - Adding Color

Did you notice.....Spring is here! 
Wedding season arrives with Spring, along with Memorial Day, sunshine, flowers and iced coffee (big iced coffee fan). 

I went to Pennsylvania for the Memorial Day weekend to visit with family and set up a table at an outdoor event.  I sold prints and cards, I made some Art connections while I was there and had a great time with my family. 
I always have a great response to my card line when they are seen in person.  They aren't responded to as well online because I'm having a very hard time photographing them well enough to show the beauty of the cards.

Most of the art that I completed this month had to do with drawing and my greeting card line.
I've been toying with a few cards that are colorful and not just the gray graphite.    I created this Love Bird Artwork to try in the card line.
Birds with Hydrangea original Artwork

I printed the Love Bird Artwork on to a card.  This design makes a great Engagement card, Wedding Shower Card or Wedding Gift Thank You card.  I use the sentiment "The Love Birds Thank You" or "For The Love Birds" depending upon which type of card is ordered.

With Memorial Day on the brain, I created this happy and fun scene below and turned it into a card that could be used for many occasions.

Free-Wheeling Greeting Card

This colorful artwork was created for a Baby Shower or Baby Gift Thank You Card.

This is my latest graphite card.  It was designed by request for a Wedding Thank You.  It could be personalized with names:  Vic and Tracy in the top left corner and Thank You in the lower right, or Thank You in the top left corner with Vic & Tracy Meola in the lower right.
It can also be used for a Shower Card (no sentiment), an engagement card (pictured) or Congratulations on your Wedding!

That's the latest from me.  Iced coffee time!     :) Tracy


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