Antique Mason Jar

I already confessed that I totally enjoy painting Mason jars and cupcakes.  Strange combo, I know.

I just finished my latest Mason Jar painting.  It is an antique Mason jar.  The glass was very cloudy and had little scratches and etches in it.  So I had to re-create the look of transparency and yet, not clear but more of a frosted appearance. 
I have a lot of these jars and they are all slightly different from each other.  I really enjoy painting the blue ones but will take on one of the clear ones soon. 

As I paint them, I imagine what they may have been used for and whose homes or root cellars they could have taken up residence in.  I have picked them up from all over New Hampshire, while in Pennsylvania and Canada so who knows where else they had been before I brought them to my home.
 My Mother used to do a lot of pickling and I know that her pickles were sent all over to family and friends as gifts.  They were also taken as part of a picnic lunch when she and my Father traveled.  They ended up at other peoples homes only to be cleaned and reused by someone else.

So the pretty little jars that I collect and gather from my travels have their own history and could probably tell great stories.  
But no matter where they come from or have been, they certainly do make great painting subjects.   :)  Tracy


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