Mini Peppers Reflecting in Bowl - Realism Still Life Painting

We had a bag of mini peppers in the refrigerator and they looked so colorful that I couldn't resist setting them up for a painting.  I set the still life up on a white table with a white background, which when painting, became a grey blue color.  Against white, the warm red, yellow and orange colors in the peppers are the main event.   Below is the finished painting:

The stainless steel bowl was perfect for reflecting the peppers that were sitting on the table, really giving life to the realism aspect.

When using white for a backdrop, the colors from the items in the still life reflect tints on the surface.  They show up in different areas than the shadows do, but in some places overlapping.   They were so subtle that if I hadn't studied the still life for a while, I could have missed these.

I was tempted to overwork the peppers in the foreground because they were "in your face." But they weren't in the direct light source so I had to leave them without a lot of highlights and let them be as they really were. 
Just everyday items that were fun and challenging to paint.  :)


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