Valentine Box - Pottery Pitcher - Realism Painting

I just finished my latest painting and am posting it below. 
I wanted to do something that related to Valentine's Day.  I remembered a red, heart shaped paper mache box that I've had for years and went in search of it.  Once found, I thought it would pair well with a turquoise blue pottery pitcher that I had on my mantel, so I set them up into a simple but pretty still-life.  
The pottery pitcher came together after layering multiple blues and greens, and adding muted purples.  Between the layers I added the subtle cracking that is found in the pottery glaze.  Variation and depth were created in the tiny crack lines by applying them throughout the layering process giving some the appearance of being deeper and others more delicate. 
The lighting was even and direct casting very slight shadows.  They were just enough to anchor the objects and keep them from levitating.  :) 


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