A Guest Artist (sort of)

I have been working on a big DIY project that I am so excited about and haven't had much time to paint artwork (like I should be doing.)  I can't wait to share the project here on my blog next week (the beginning of February).  But in the meantime I wanted to share something else.

I think it's pretty clear that most of this blog is dedicated to me and my pursuits. 
However, I LOVE ART.  
Not just mine, but lots of art.  I enjoy seeing how other artists develop a style or how they interpret a subject.  Therefore, I would like to feature other artists artwork on this blog from time to time. 

I came across an artist the other day and admired her work.  I was attracted to her work because it was simple in subject matter, in fact most of her paintings seem to be small daily paintings, but she paints in a loose, bold style and uses a lot of color.  Her paintings made me smile.  Her name is Angela Moulton and below is a small sampling of her work.
  tody bird no. 5 digital print from original painting by angela moulton of prattcreekart 4 x 4 inches  Ruby-crowned Kinglet no. 10 original bird oil painting by Angela Moulton 4 x 4 inches on panel prattcreekart can ship February 5
Blushing Roses no. 10 original floral rose oil painting by Angela Moulton 8 x 10 inches on canvas prattcreekart can ship January 28

 penguin love bird print by moulton 5 x 7 inches prattcreekart

 Here are links to see more of Angela's work.
Be back next week!  Tracy


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