A Creative Break

After I finished my Bakery Jewelry series, the holidays set in and my attention was focused elsewhere.  As time passed my mind kept reminding me that I needed to get back in the studio, even if it was just for some prep work.  I found myself walking past the studio and trying not to look that way as I passed.  Or I would go in, completely ignore my painting area and instead get on the computer to check emails and stats. (When I'm sitting at my desk, using my computer, my back is to the creative part of the room.)

When I get to the point where I lack motivation and just can't drag myself into my studio, I start to feel disappointed in myself, which really isn't good for creativity.
But what I now realize is that taking the time off and working on the other projects in my life is sometimes a necessary part of the creative process.  There are other things in life that need to be attended to.
When I'm on a creative binge I leave everything else and put all my time and energy into my art.   Then comes a time when I burn out and need to take some time off and catch up on the other responsibilities that I have.  Sort of a Creative Break. 
While putting my energy into other areas and getting my life back in order, my creativity builds back up.   The guilt of all the things that have been "let go" subsides and allows my mind the freedom to become creative once again. 

So, this week I finished up some cleaning and organizing in the house and got back in my studio.

To get myself back into the creative "groove" I worked on a couple of  word canvases. 

They are both gifts for family members (one is an Anniversary gift and the other is an Engagement gift).  Taking on this type of art got some paint spilled out on the palette and a paint brush back in my hand, kind of like warm up exercises before a work out....... and just what I needed.  :)


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