McHenry Whiskey - Whiskey Collectors Still Life Painting

A few posts ago I told you that I had finished a more involved painting that was a custom order.  The painting was for a collector, that collects  McHenry's Whiskey products.  McHenry's was a distillery that began in 1812 in Benton PA.  In 1911 the distillery had a fire and basically struggled to catch back up financially, after rebuilding.  17,000 barrels of maturing whiskey were destroyed in the fire.  The bi-products of the distillery (bottles, jugs, labels, shot glasses, trays, etc) are desirable by collectors. 
There were various textures in this Still Life which made it both challenging and interesting.  For the knots in the wood background, I actually got down on my hands and knees and examined the knots in our pine floors.   Have you ever looked closely at knots?   They are pretty weird and like snowflakes - no two seem to be alike.   :)


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