Still Life: Crackled Blue Bottle - Daily Painting

In between my more in-depth paintings I am trying to sneak in some smaller, or simpler ones.  I painted this old blue bottle recently on an 8 x 8 art-board surface and hope to list it in my Etsy shop soon.

The bottle has a lot of character, it is a little misshapen, is crackled throughout, and is an incredible blue color.   I really liked the way the blue created a tinted shadow on the cloth background.   It is always fun to create the background that is behind the bottle (or through the bottle) because it is a slightly different color and the shape changes behind the glass.    When I set up a still-life I usually leave the folds that are in any of the cloths that I use because they add some interest to the painting (so why take the time to iron  haha).

Because it is Autumn in New England,
I also wanted to share a photo taken by Vic (my husband) here in our beautiful little piece of the world.  No photo shop used, just true, gorgeous Fall color!   Hope you get to enjoy the season.  Tracy


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