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I have been turning my illustrations into cards.    I often make my own cards.  I usually buy the pre-made cards and create a drawing to suit the need (sympathy, anniversary, thank you, etc).   But that requires having some time to sit and do the illustration for each individual card.  So recently I decided to take the illustrations that I already have and print them on cardstock to have custom cards when I need them.  I was so pleased with how the little cards turned out that I decided to print a few and put them in my Etsy shop
I do a lot of sketching while watching TV, waiting at appointments and times when I would otherwise be just sitting, I use the drawings to create my cards.  They are soft and pretty on their own but I also add glitter because everything becomes more special when it sparkles.   I don't want to compete or coverup the illustration so most of the cards have a few small areas of glitter.  For some of the cards I give the customer the option of having glitter or no glitter. 

This illustration turned out to be a great "Love" card.  Its good for Valentine's Day, Anniversary, or even a Sweetheart's birthday.

This one was a hand done card that I did for a 50th Anniversary.

I decided to make this illustration a "Congrats" type card.
I decided to leave the inside of the cards blank so the sender can put in their own message.  They can write a note or just a simple sentiment like for the wine glass a  Congrats!  and their signature.   When purchased, each card will come with a few suggestions for an appropriate quick message inside, for those that struggle with words.
Many times my illustrations decide for themselves what type of card they will become.   I draw what I feel at the moment and it seems to have its own message emerge, I just add the words that fit.
Other times I have someone or something in mind when I create the illustration, like the 50th Anniversary card.   When I did that one all I could think of is how incredible it is to married for 50 years.  I decided that it qualified for "super hero" status.   haha
This illustration of antique glasses seemed perfect in their simplicity so I left this one without words.  It makes a great note card.   

It is really ironic, I always wanted to work for a card company and create I own card company!       Tracy's a photo of my painting wearing its ribbon (from a previous blog post.)


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