Art Challenge: Week 6 The Letter F: Flowers or Failure

For the letter F, I painted Flowers - these tulips.  But I am not thrilled with the way they came out.  I only had a short amount of time to work on them last week and I feel that they lack dimension and depth.  So instead of Flowers I'm calling this one 
I'm not discouraged; every painting can't come out looking like a masterpiece, but every painting does teach the artist something.   Sometimes that is what a painting is for, not for the wonderful end result but instead for the lesson of trying something different. 
This one was definitely not my style as far as composition or color goes, but it will be part of the 26 week A-Z collection.    :)  Tracy
At this point I felt the painting was too chalky looking so I glazed over it
This is the final painting


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