A-Z Art Challenge Week 4: D is for...

I don't think I have ever done a pet portrait before.  or any animal for that matter (except maybe some folk art sheep haha). 
I truly enjoyed painting this, my brother's dog, named Captain.  I went with a much looser painting which was a very different style for me.  The challenge was to capture the essence of personality in Captain.  I'm not sure that I pulled that off but I'm still happy with how the painting turned out. 
Capturing the personality is the most important part of doing any portrait, which may be why I stay away from them.   But after taking this on, I won't be opposed to doing one again.  
This 26 week, A-Z challenge is helping me to grow as an artist by forcing me to try new things. 
Soooo, on to week 5.   :) Tracy



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