Watermelon & Glass Painting

I am working on a new collection of paintings that I will exhibit in the Art On Main Fine Art Gallery later this summer.  Watermelon and Glass is a part of this collection.  This painting is 11 x 14 Acrylic on Panel. 

This is what the glass looked like in the beginning.   I had to paint the watermelon first so that I could layer the glass over it.  Notice how the watermelon becomes distorted behind the glass. Even though there weren't a lot of colors in this there were still plenty of layers to add over and over to get each element to come to life.   Building the paint in layers is what brings life, that is how I get variation and depth in the painting.

This glass took a lot of layers because of all the dancing light fragments in the bottom.  Then there were reflections on the table top of both watermelon and glass sparkles.   The painting is simple, but not simple.  :)  Tracy


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