Award Winning Artwork

I'm so excited to share good news with you.  I was honored to receive an Honorable Mention Award at the NAA 20th Regional Juried Show for my painting "Scattered".    There were over 500 submissions for the show from all over our region and less than 200 were accepted into the show.  Just having an entry accepted into the show was amazing.  2 awards were given in each category,  "Best of" the category and "Honorable Mention" in the category.  I received Honorable Mention for Work in Acrylic.   I was especially happy with the comments that the Juror gave my painting.  I have posted the Jurors comments below. 

Newburyport Art Association
Honorable Mention Award
For Work in Acrylic

Jurors Comments:You feel the space between you and the glass jars, and the space inside the jars. The distances between jars enhance the sense of distance as well as connectedness of us to them and us to each other. The realistic painting of the jars is incredible! You feel you could pick them up! You see here both the surface of the paint and symbol. How do you paint air, space, transparency!?? You just did, to the nines!

Becoming a member of the NAA has been of great value to me as an artist.  I have to admit, I love the feeling of being taken seriously as an artist.   I create what I love and feel inside, but often wonder how other artists perceive my work because my style is so controlled. 

Thank you NAA and Janis Sanders for the positive affirmation.  :)  Tracy



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