Gourd on Ball Jar - Realism - Fall Painting

I'm able to paint again! After working all summer and helping out with the babies in the family, I sat down this week and accomplished a new painting.   Gourd on a Ball Jar.
I sent in a registration for this to the Topsfield Fair but was seriously wondering if I would be able to get it done in time.  Thankfully I have!

After not painting for so long trying to achieve the realism factor wasn't easy.
This looks like a simple painting but it actually had quite a few elements to it:

The gourd wasn't a typical orange pumpkin, it had yellow/orange stripes, patterns and texture.
The tin lid had rusty areas and teeth texture in it.

The colored glass was old with lots of dings and tiny chips in it and it had raised lettering on it.

Then of course there was the wood background and fuzzy white cloth table top.

The wood background has grain lines, splits and old nails in it.

Along with all these elements, there were also concentrated light areas where the light hit the objects so strong that they actually bleached out, and this still life had areas of reflected color and deep shadows. 
A good challenge for me to get back into the swing of things.  Now we'll see how it goes at the fair.  The fair is open October 3 - 13.   :)  Tracy


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