Seashells Painting

I just finished this painting.  Because it is summer and I love the beach, I just had to paint something beachy.  
I actually had these shells set up on a table, but I painted them as if they were laying on the sand.  
I was looking down on them and there was a harsh shadow that went across the bottom half of the table putting the top half in bright light and the bottom half in a shadowed area.   That's why there aren't any bright highlights on the bottom half of the painting. 
 When I saw the way that the natural light was streaming in on them, I knew that they would look just like they do on the beach in the blinding sunlight.  Just think about when you are on the beach and you stand up and block the sun from whatever is below you, with all that sunlight there is a dark shadow that looms over.  

 This ended up being a similar palette to my previous painting.  One was Christmas and one was beach and yet they both had the soft, sandy/peachy colors.  

Get some beach in....and check out the shadows!   :)  Tracy


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