Christmas Window Painting - Vintage Window Candlestick

I finally finished the latest painting that I have been working on.  This one took a long time to paint.
Almost every part of this painting was a challenge.

The washed out scenery outside the window was loosely painted with dark grey's (created by the various colors in the palette) and then glazed over and over with white.

The decorative window casing and trim in reality are white but they absorbed and reflected colors depending on where they were situated within the light. So there were a variety of colors that were used to create the warmth of the painted white wood.

The old candlestick didn't reveal much detail, except when it came to the glowing bulb.   Some how the candlestick found itself in a shadowed area so there weren't a lot of highlights on it.  But I was tempted to overwork it and keep adding highlights that weren't actually there.  I'm still not sure about it, it still doesn't seem quite right, I may go back and work on it some more.  Maybe add more glazes to smooth out it's appearance.  The glow of the bulb showed up on the window casing and in the curtain.
The sheer curtain became opaque in some areas and then remained sheer in others and also had a warm, slightly yellow, glow where the bulb was next to it.

There were reflections and shadows on the glass ornament that carried from the silver area into the red area and then were cast on to the tabletop.

Finally, the candy cane had highlights and shadows in the striping and it also cast small shadows on to the tabletop.

What has the appearance of a simple grouping at first glance, was actually a very long process of painting.  
This painting was a good exercise for me; I had to see and keep track of everything that was going on and yet convey it as casual.

Christmas in July!!   Happy Independence Day!   :)  Tracy


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