Primitive - Crock and Oil Lamp on Cupboard

I painted this last week, but I have been so busy getting ready for my daughter in law's baby shower that I will be hosting this weekend, that I haven't had a chance to post it. 

Once again, the items in the still life came from my Antique Dealer Friend.  She always tells me that I can use what I want for still life arrangements and she really does mean it. 
I always enjoy painting antique crocks.  On this one I painted the shine on it as a series of dots. The crock wasn't smooth it had all over texture so when the light hit, it grabbed hold of the tiny bumps creating a splattered highlight right down the middle.
This painting would be most appealing to those that love primitive.  The colors are subtle and neutral. 
It is painted on art-board and is a small painting measuring just 10 x 10.   I like painting these small paintings, the detail is easier to do.
But once I finish the painting that I am currently working on, an 8 x 10, I am going to go LARGE.
I'll be painting my LARGE painting on canvas not art-board. 
I'll finish the 8 x 10 some time next week because I can't get into the studio this, cleaning and decorating!     <3 Tracy


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