Baby's Room Artwork - Still Life

I can share a photo of the painting that I did for my unborn grandchild. 
A few posts back I covered the process of preparing the nursery.  I painted the baskets and bins and a few other items for the changing table. 

Soon after that I worked on a painting to coordinate with the colors and items that we used in the room. 
This past weekend we had my daughter in law's baby shower and I gave her the painting......

Step One in the Painting Process, blocking in the colors
During the Process - Building Layers and Adding Detail
The Finished Painting
This was the first time that I worked with this color palette and it took a little time to learn the characteristics of the colors for achieving the highlights and shadows.  But all in all I really like the way the painting turned out.  Instead of looking overly realistic, it looks more like a piece of artwork.  
It's been a lot of fun to accomplish these projects in preparation of our new addition to the family.
Now we look forward to the arrival of the baby!   


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