Mason jar illustration - Antique Collector

A quick illustration of a Mason jar with a tea lite inside.   I will probably turn this into one of my cards.  I think either the tea lite or the flame would look great with glitter on it and I can already think of a few phrases that would be really cute for the card.

I really do have a fascination with Mason jars.  For Still-Life painting, they have character and with added light they reflect and shine well.
I have become a collector of Mason jars, kind of by default.  I hadn't decided to collect them, I just started buying them for my still-life set ups and became more and more interested in them.  There were so many versions over the years that it makes collecting a lot of fun. 
Recently Mason jars have become a desirable tool for weddings because they are pretty vessels for centerpieces.  I hope that once the wedding is over the jars aren't being thrown away.


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