DIY Chalkboard for Art Show Display

I am currently taking a short break from painting in my studio and doing some smaller, crafty projects. 
I thought about the fact that in a few weeks I am setting up a display at a small show to sell my cards and prints. 
This will be different from doing a full art show so I need a little bit different display for it.   I decided it would be great to have a chalkboard that I could set up with pricing or other information I want customers to take note of.  So I pulled out a framed board that I already had, and got to work creating a display chalkboard. 
First I separated the frame from the board.   I sanded the board and sealed it with sealer.  I lightly sanded again and painted it with DecoArt Chalkboard paint.  It took about 3 coats for even coverage. 
Once the paint was dry and cured a bit, I rubbed chalk all over it to "season" it as a chalkboard.  

Then I wiped the chalk off and the sheen was gone. 
I painted the frame with a coat of DecoArt Lamp Black paint and let it dry.   Then I painted over it with DecoArt Blue Harbor, two coats.  Once the frame was dry, I sanded through the Blue and revealed streaks of the Black underneath. 
Since I am only using this for a display, I didn't varnish the frame, I just left it as is. 
I put the board back into the frame and I have a quick chalkboard for display purposes.  I even found a periwinkle blue color chalk.  LOL

I will probably use it vertical and list items and prices on it.  No matter what, it will be useful.


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