My Painting Challenge 26 Weeks A-Z

From Another Time - Acrylic on Panel
I have always been intrigued by the challenge that many artists have taken up to paint a painting a day for 30 days and have been tempted to try it. 
But every time I think about it I come to the conclusion that it wouldn't be a realistic goal for me as due to other obligations, I can't be in the studio every day for 30 days. 

So as a goal for the New Year I came up with something similar but a bit modified.  Here's the goal:
A to Z art.  One piece of art per week for 26 weeks.  Each week I will either paint, draw or illustrate something working my way through the alphabet. 
The first week will be something that begins with the letter A, week 2 something that begins with the letter B, the third week letter C, etc.   The artwork can be of an object, a person, an emotion or anything else that begins with the letter.  example: A = apple, angry, atmosphere, antler, alligator, absence

You can follow my progress here at the blog every week and on Instagram: artonmainnh

If you like a challenge or want a New Years goal, join me in the challenge and please post photos of your weekly art on Instagram with the hashtag #26weeksA-Z and tag artonmainnh. 

I can't wait to see how it goes!   stay with me..... Tracy  :)


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