Gallery Pumpkins - Black White & Gold

These funky pumpkins were painted to add a little Autumn flair to the Art on Main Gallery. 
My supplies were white resin pumpkins, off-white paint, black paint, shimmery gold paint and ribbon. 
Use a pencil to draw guidelines for stripes or checks.  Paint stripes or checks on the pumpkins in black.  When dry add gold lines to divide the stripes.  Lightly brush gold on to the stems, not completely covering them but hitting areas with the gold.  For the light colored pumpkin I painted small checks with black. 
Once the black was dry I painted a coat of off-white over the entire pumpkin, then added gold just to the vertical lines.  Once completely dry tie ribbons on the stems in your color of choice.  I used teal to go with the gallery theme, but due to the neutrality of black and white, almost any color would work


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