Monochromatic Painting - Green Bottle

 Sometimes it is good to return to the basics of your profession. 
A nurse may need to practice drawing blood again, or a contractor may need to bang nails with a hammer, etc. 
For me, an artist, it was doing color wheel exercises that I learned in art school. 

After mixing colors and creating a color wheel, my next exercise was to paint a Monochromatic canvas.    Monochromatic is using different shades, tints or tones of the same hue/pigment/color.
In my exercise, I chose greens.  Every aspect of the painting  below is done with different tones, shades and tints of green. 

You might think it would be easy to create something with just one color.  But for a realism artist that likes to set up her own still life, it wasn't so easy.  I kept seeing other colors in the still life and had to tell my brain to see them as green. 
I hope you will walk through these exercises with me.  In fact, why not give them a try for yourself.  Check back to see which one is next.   :)   Tracy


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