Coffee Break - Realism Painting

Remember that green coffee cup that I bought while browsing in an antique store?

Well I got a brainstorm for that cup and ran out to Dunkin's and bought some donuts.  That was a fun experience.  I asked them to choose donuts without any finger marks in the frosting and put them in a box so they wouldn't get messy. 
When I told them that I wanted them for a still life painting, the girl that waited on me was on it!    She had a great time picking out the right donuts with me and carefully placing them in the box.  
I love people like that, who get enthusiastic about my projects.   
I'll have to send them a photo of this finished painting.
Once I had them home, and set them up in a light box, I had to work fast because the lights were making the frosting get warm and melty.  haha

....and yes, they were yummy. 

I finished this painting yesterday.  I loved every minute of working on it. 
It is headed to Washington State..... I'll tell you where it is going in a future post.  :)  Tracy


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