Chalkboard Coffee Signs - Lettering

I have been working on a Coffee Bar Project.  I went out and bought coffee syrups, shaker tins for cinnamon and cocoa, a large drink dispenser for iced coffee, and am on the hunt for some mugs.  I haven't quite found what I'm looking for yet. 
I wanted some trendy signs for the coffee bar and since chalkboard signs are pretty popular right now that was what I decided to go with. 
I actually just used some things that I had in the basement and painted over them with Chalky Paint in a chalky grey color (not Chalkboard paint).  I didn't use chalkboard paint because I won't be erasing and reusing them, I want them to stay as they are when I am done and not wipe off. 

 I used a white charcoal pencil by General Pencil to do the lettering and designs.  Then I sprayed them with Workable Fixative spray to keep them from smearing or being wiped off. 
I am not quite done.  Now I am working on a Pastry sign to go with them.  The pastry sign is being painted; I wanted that one to have color on it.  You will see why when it's done.  :)  Tracy


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