Ribbon Awards at the Fairs & Breast Cancer

I'm stopping in to give a quick update. 
I got another Honorable Mention Ribbon at the Topsfield Fair this year!!  
When I tell people that, they go "awwww, just honorable mention" but I don't have any problem with Honorable Mention.  It's so awesome to go into the Arts & Crafts building and over to the "winners wall" and see my painting there. 

However, I did get a First Place Blue Ribbon at Deerfield Fair! What a thrill!

My other update is:
because this is October, Breast Cancer Awareness month I created a simple Breast Cancer Ribbon Note Card.  My Mother and my sister both had breast cancer so it has affected two very important people in my life.  I am grateful that they both survived it.
I'm giving 50% of sales from this card to Breast Cancer Research. 
The card is in my Etsy shop.  It comes as a simple graphite illustration, or with pink glitter added.

I'm working on a larger project right now and sneaking some smaller ones in between.  But I am also out getting all the inspiration that I can from the beautiful, natural colors of Fall.    :)  Tracy


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