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This lace & sparkle t-shirt project is a follow up to my last post about when time is short for painting, getting creative in a different way.
I had seen a pretty tank top in a catalog that was decorated with lace and glitter and I really liked it,  but it cost $69.00 so I decided that it would be fun to try and create my own.

Here are the supplies that were used:
T-Shirt or Tank top
Lace trim
DecoArt SoSoft Fabric Paint White
DecoArt Glamour Dust Glitter
Dritz Liquid Stitch Glue
Flat Paint Brush
A large piece of cardboard covered in plastic wrap

Wash & dry your t-shirt/tank top but do not use fabric softener.  Depending on what type of fabric your shirt is made of, if it is wrinkly you may want to iron it.  My shirt is 100% cotton but I was able to get it smooth.

Lay the shirt out on your crafting surface.
Insert a large piece of cardboard covered in plastic wrap inside the shirt.

(For instructional purposes I will be referring to the finished edges of the lace as the edge and referring to the cut ends as the end)  Roll out the lace trim and lay it on the shirt finding the placement that you like, running it from side seam to side seam but leave a small amount of overhang on the ends.
hold it in place and run a bead of glue under the edge of the lace, pressing it as you put it back in place.  Do a small section at a time until you have the entire lace glued down.  Do the same thing with the other edge of the lace so that both edges are secured to the shirt.

When dry cut the ends to meet perfectly with the side seams of the shirt and glue them in place.

To make the glittery stripes, measure 1 inch up from the lace trim and tape off the top edge of the stripe.  Use the tape edge as a guide but don't fully rely on it to keep paint from going where you don't want it, as the paint can still seep under the tape if rubbed or brushed too rough.
Use the flat brush and White SoSoft paint and fill in the stripe with paint.   Do this in small sections at a time because you will want to add the glitter before the paint sinks in too much or dries.

...brush on about 2 inches of paint and then generously sprinkle the glitter on to the wet paint. 

After you sprinkle the glitter on, lightly tap the glitter into the paint with your finger and then continue on until the entire stripe is filled in.  Let dry.

Before the paint completely dries, slowly peel the tape off.

 Repeat the same process for the lower glittery stripe.

You can use any color shirt and any color lace and stripe for this project.
In fact, I did some samples with a champagne gold color that really came out nice, so I may have to put together another shirt.  Here are the samples that I tried on a piece of white cloth. 
If you can't find the right color lace, all you have to do is paint the lace the color that you want using the DecoArt SoSoft paint. I used a roller to apply the paint to the lace after laying it out on a protected surface.  As for the glittery stripe, the Glamour Dust looks great with any color. 

Here is the finished product.  It looks great under a jacket too.   :)  Tracy


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