Vintage Kitchen Painting

This painting is one of my more stylized paintings.  It is representational and somewhat realistic but it isn't "realism". 
I set up this still-life with all vintage kitchen pieces (except the eggs of course) that I found at yard sales. 
I actually painted this a while ago but at the time wasn't "feeling" the colors so I put it aside and it got buried under some other paintings that are half finished. 
When I came across it, I decided to dust it off and keep it out of the junk pile. 
Then three people that came through my studio saw it and asked if it was for sale.  It's so funny how you can put something aside because you're "not feeling it" and then as it turns out it is very desirable to others. 
Just like the vintage finds that are in the still-life painting: trash to some, treasure to others. :)  Tracy


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