Mason Jar Realism

I know, I know, I promised a LARGE painting next.  But because I had to take so much time off I am working on some smaller mini paintings.  I have an event coming up at the end of May where I will be selling prints and cards, but I also want to have some original paintings as well.  So at this late date I am going to be working on small paintings that I can accomplish pretty quickly.

Mason Jars are my favorite things to paint so they are always good for easing me back into the studio.  I love the translucent appearance of the glass and the beautiful blue/turquoise color.  I also like the challenge of the raised lettering molded in the glass.  This jar had a flat glass top with a rusty screw on ring that holds the glass top in place. 

I'll be working on another cupcake next and then I'm considering a few lipstick cases and, oh ya, more mason jars to come too!

I'm still looking forward to painting a LARGE project but it will have to wait for now.   :)  Tracy


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