Custom Work - Change of Scenery

I've been busy catching up and completing some projects.  Just about everyone likes to have some sort of art in their life and so being an artist, I am asked to do all sorts of things for other people.   From my opinion on where to hang artwork,  to a custom painting and everything in between.  This past week I finished two custom projects.  The first was a painting of a book cover.  The mother of a woman who had written a book wanted to have a painting done of the book cover to give her daughter for Christmas.  Because it is a gift that hasn't been given yet, I can't post a photo of the painting yet.

Another project that I worked on this week was a painting of a tree on my niece's nursery wall.  She wanted a simple white, soft tree silhouette.  I kept the painting a bit washy so that it still gives a "baby" softness and adds some interest to the room but doesn't overpower or scream for attention.  Below are the before and after photos. 

I love my studio work but sometimes it's a nice break to get out and do something more simple and a little different.   It was also nice to visit with my niece and see how her baby's room was coming together. 


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